Memoir Launches October 2017

She Read to Us in the Late Afternoons, a novel by Kathleen Hill“In this multi-faceted gem of a book, Kathleen Hill, a great reader, pays tribute to the masterworks of literature which have inspired her, and uses her prodigious memory and her lucid prose style to celebrate love and compassion as the most noble and enduring of human qualities.”
COLM TÓIBÍN, author of Brooklyn and
House of Names

“In these gorgeous pages Kathleen Hill explores her own life, and the lives of family and friends, in the company of various novels. The result is a memoir filled with urgency as she struggles to read the world around her, to understand herself, and others, as deeply as Isabel Archer and Lucy Gayheart. This is a wonderful and profound book.” —MARGOT LIVESEY, author of Mercury and The Hidden Machinery

“We’ve always believed that books were like a soundtrack to our lives and that our day to day lives stood in the foreground. But this stunning book tells a different and surprising tale: it is our lives that slip into the background, and books —those fabulous books that alter who we are—can become the real face of our lives.”—ANDRÉ ACIMAN, author of Out of Egypt and Call Me By Your Name  Read More

Forthcoming in 2018

“Maeve Brennan,” essay in Nine Irish Lives, ed. Mark Bailey

Praise for Who Occupies This House

Editors’ Choice—NEW YORK TIMES

“A memorable portrait of a family’s identity.”—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“The lyricism of the writing, ethereal and dreamlike, elegiac in tone, complements the narrator’s somber journey, which reads like an extended prose poem.” —BOOKLIST

“This is a novel of great beauty. Step by step, it works its way deep into the interior lives of vanished family, sifting through evidence to solve mysteries, rejudge sorrows, and think, over and over, about forgiveness. An intense, exacting, and extraordinary book.”—JOAN SILBER, author of Ideas of Heaven: A Ring of Stories  Read More